DBDesigner 4 on the Mysql 5.0.45

12月 17, 2007

DBDesigner 4 這套軟體. 算是一套Free ER Diagram 程式. 在Windows 下搭配Mysql 5.0.45 卻會無法使用.

因為DBDesigner4 的設計者當初是以 Version 3.xx 的Mysql 作為參考. 對於帳號密碼的認證依然是採用舊的方式. 因此必需在Mysql 命令列下做點小修改.

Ok thought I would have a look at DBDesigner4 as MyWorkbench seems to be taking a long time to get into beta. DBDesigner4 looks a great product but couldnt get it to connect to mysql 5 then realised that it the designer was designed for version 3 mysql and lots of the old mysql products need to read the myql.user table for id's etc.

Tried the old trick of using the OLD_PASSWORD function and seems to work what you need to do is this....

1. Open the mysql command prompt.

2. SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = OLD_PASSWORD('rootpassword');

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD('rootpassword') WHERE Host = 'localhost' AND User = 'root';


all in one line - hit return.

3. Try dbdesigner4 again and you should now be able to connect.

要注意以下的第二部份. 若您用選取.再用貼上的. 會出現一個問題 就是沒法子貼那麼多行的命令,
而會被強迫斷行並送出Enter 而產生錯誤. 最好是先執行前兩行命令, 沒出錯後再貼FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 來更新權限

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